The “Bulk Buy” Can Save You Money Dream

The argument goes that because the solar company buys more volume, due to their socially engaged nature they will pass these savings on and therefore the consumer gets a great deal. THIS IS OFTEN NOT TRUE.

The issue with solar is that one size does not fit all, and the individual design and care given by a proper house visit and inspection is usually not supplied in a bulk buy. Also in bulk buys usually there is a limited choice of inverter solutions and panel offers. Household have different needs and consumption patterns, which need to be matched with the most suitable solar solutions. Instead of the solution fitting the households’ individual consumption pattern, the consumer is made to fit the bulk buy solar packet.

Often cheaper products are dressed up as being top class, but most importantly, bulk buys make most money if the install is fast. Corners can be cut and then like locusts having come to a green field and eat it empty – the bulk buy company will leave town and leave often a legacy of a significant amount of medium to poorly installed systems in their wake. Customers then need more than good luck trying to find that bulk buy company again to come back and fix problems – after they have been paid.

The local solar installation company then gets the calls to fix the Bulk Buy Deal Systems, and unfortunately – those repairs will not be cheap.

Proposed Solution
Do not buy in a BULK BUY – other than if it is organised by your local well established solar company.