The Keep The Quote in the Family Scam

Some of the very large, very cheap solar companies, promoting the Tier 1, 25 year warranty – free panels offer, have been phoenixed on previous occasions and are most likely gone out of business in a few years again. That’s why they can offer a 10 year extended inverter warranty on a 5 year maximum lifespan product.

What many customers do not know is that there are a number of these largest Australian operators with the highest marketing spend on the internet are interconnected, not in a way that company director ships can be linked, but via supply chains and other ties.

So for example if one gets a quote from Super Sunny Solar, because you contacted them on the internet, after a few days Howdy Sunny Solar and Best Special SUNRISE Solar surprisingly contacts you as well. The offers are similar, the deal looks similar, but because you got three offers, you feel you have done your research, and without knowing, you have only really looked at one company.

Proposed Solution
Avoid buying solar systems that looks too cheap. A solid solar system being a 6.6kw system can earn you close to $40,000 over 25 years. You cannot achieve such a financial outcome with a system costing $5000 or even just $3500. You need to invest $8000 to $9000 for such an outcome.