Solar battery scam: Top 3 warning signs


With the growing interest in consumer solar and battery storage solutions, some predatory firms have taken advantage of this by targeting solar owners with solar battery scams.


What they’ll do is send out letters to solar owners mentioning an “exclusive or free solar battery trial.”


To the unsuspecting recipient, it sounds like a good deal, that they have been chosen for. They’re probably thinking: How great is this? All I have to do is sign up for the trial and I get a big discount on my battery.


As the old adage goes: “if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t.”


Many solar battery customers are getting ripped off by this scam, don’t get caught up in the solar battery craze with our tips below:


1. You get a letter in your mailbox claiming that you’ve been “chosen” for an “exclusive” battery trial


If you’re a solar owner you’ve probably gotten a letter in your mailbox that goes a little like this: “Dear solar owner, you’ve been chosen for an initial testing phase for our solar battery…”


It then goes on to say that the offer is only available for a limited time and that you can get a substantial discount off the market price if you sign up. There are a few regular offenders that we suspect use Google Maps to determine whether their targets have solar panels.


The truth is only a limited number of solar battery manufacturers and government organisations run these battery trials. As you would have guessed by now, these trials they are not freely accessible to the general public due to their limited size.


So beware of any letter in your mailbox claiming to offer a trial, it is most likely a scam from a solar battery reseller.


2. The price offered is “substantially lower” as part of the “free” battery trial


But wait a second… of course, it’s not free it’s only for “substantially lower than the price we will release it to the general market”.


Who doesn’t like a bargain?


The problem is when you agree to participate in the trial and order the product offered at a “substantially lower price”, the reality is: the price is actually no better than a normal local solar company would have charged for the same deal.


We recommend that you do your research and compare the prices offered for the same battery from your local solar companies. You might even find that you’re being overcharged as part of the solar battery scam.


3. You’ve gotten letters from multiple companies all claiming to offer an “exclusive trial”


This is a big give away that the deal on offer is just a cheap sales tactic used to prey on unsuspecting solar owners.


Surely if the trial was truly exclusive, it wouldn’t be offered by multiple companies at the same time right? Most likely if you ask your friends with solar panels they’ll say that they’ve received the same letters.


These days, solar and battery storage systems growing significantly in adoption and affordability.  This had led opportunistic companies to use misleading practises to exploit everday consumers.


Make sure to do you research on the solar company or any deal that sounds too good to be true.